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How to Quickly, Easily, and Inexpensively Convert Your In-Person Event Into a Successful Online Event
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What you'll learn:

00:00- Introduction
  • Meet your host, Joe Condit, from, and your training instructor, David Bereit
03:03- COVID-19 Disruption
  • Advice for nonprofits, ministries, and event organizers in the midst of the current Coronavirus challenges
03:47- How to Decide
  • How to assess your situation and make the best decision about whether to continue with, postpone, or cancel your in-person event ... OR convert it to an online event
13:03- Getting Started
  • How David began utilizing online events, and what a struggling non-profit (with $71 to its name) discovered while raising $141,734 in 72 hours on its first webcast — using just a phone and computer
21:07- Why Webcasts
  • Why webcasts have become such powerful communication and fundraising tools for savvy non-profit groups, frequently outperforming mail, telemarketing, banquets, and more
31:35- Proven Blueprint
  • The proven step-by-step blueprint to hosting a high-performing fundraising webcast that generates results (if you can follow a simple recipe to bake a cake, you can do this!)
40:41- Communicating Your Pivot
  • When and how to communicate your pivot plan to your audience, attracting hundreds — or thousands — of people to attend your first webcast and take action
51:10- Technology Tools
  • Which inexpensive tech tools make it easy to conduct a highly successful webcast (Hint: they're simple to use, and you can get started for under $100)
1:04:38- Next Steps
  • Learn three different options for moving forward
1:15:45- Conclusion
  • Wrap-up and sendoff
Want more help? PIVOT PLAN Bootcamp + Coaching Program